Marine Advisory

Sun, 2006-07-30

The Marine Police would like to remind the boating public that over the Cup Match weekend there is likely to be very heavy marine traffic and caution should be exercised. In particular operators of vessels are requested to observe the 5 knot speed limit within 100 metres of the shoreline and ensure they are not creating a large wake.

In the area of bays and beaches, care should be taken in the vicinity of swimmers. This is most applicable to jet skis that are able to navigate in shallow waters. All vessel operators should ensure they have the required safety equipment on board, sufficient fuel for the duration of their trip and limit their consumption of alcohol.

Boat operators should inform a family member when they are expecting to return ashore and vessels going offshore should file a float plan with Bermuda Radio. All boaters are advised to view the Water Safety Council website where further information may be obtained. The Marine Police will be patrolling the maine areas throughout the weekend.