Commissioner’s Response to Mr. Victor Alleyne’s Article in Today’s Royal Gazette

Wed, 2006-07-26

The method used in the identification parade after the assault on Mr. Victor ‘Rudy’ Alleyne is regrettable. I recognize that witnesses must be protected and their identity kept confidential and it is to that end that we are in the process of equipping a purpose built identification suite where victims and suspects will be kept apart and not able to interact with each other, in keeping with best practices both here and elsewhere. It is also our endeavor to be fully compliant with current and future legislation introduced in our jurisdiction. In the interim we have put in place a system where victims who attend identification parades can view the suspects through a one-way mirror.

I fully understand the affect of facing a possible offender face to face; this in itself adds to the trauma of the victim’s previous experiences with the suspect. 

The officer(s) who carried out identification parades in the past without the use of the mirror have been strongly advised that the procedures in place for identification parades must be used at all times. We remain cognizant of the trauma of facing a possible offender and extend our sincere apologies to Mr. Alleyne and any other person where the identification process was carried out and procedure not followed.