Sun, 2005-05-22

Police are reporting a dramatic decrease in incidents of breaking and entering over the weekend with only 5 reported incidents. This can be attributed to a team of officers that were tasked with targeting some of the serial offenders that have been targeting homes and business in and around Bermuda. We are still reminding residents to lock and secure their dwellings at all times. It has become apparent that in many of the past cases residences were left vulnerable, thus making the work of the criminals easier. We are asking for all residents to safely store all valuables out of sight. Also, record serial numbers of all items of value and take pictures of items so if they are stolen, we can have an accurate way of identifying them. Remember, take away the opportunity and lessen your chances of becoming a victim. If there are any questions about the security of your home please contact our Crime Prevention Unit at 295-0011.

Over the weekend there were 6 stolen cycles, 3 individuals arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, 19 collisions that did not result in injury and 7 collisions that resulted in injury. There were also 4 reports of loud music.

Tomorrow is the 24th of May and their will be a strong Police presence on our roads starting today and continuing straight until tomorrow. We are advising the motoring public to obey the rules of the road as Police will be on static patrol at different times during the holiday period, but specifically tonight. We are also advising everyone that if you must drink do not drive.

May 24th also marks the unofficial start to the boating season and we are reminding mariners to obey the laws of the water as Marine Police will be on active patrol. In addition, we are asking all water craft to ensure they are in possession of all the necessary safety equipment for their craft. For all the safety equipment required for each vessel and other marine advice, click here. Have a safe holiday!