Laser Speed Checks

Wed, 2005-06-29

Between 8pm on Tuesday, June 28 and 4am Wednesday, June 29, Police conducted laser speed checks in various locations across the island, including: the Causeway in St. George’s, Middle Road in Warwick (near Spice Valley Middle School), Middle Road in Southampton (near Old South Road), Port Royal Primary School (junction of Middle Road & Church Road in Southampton) and Malabar Road in Sandy’s parish (Grey's Bridge).

During that time period (from 8pm – 4am) 121 speeders were caught. The speeds they were ticketed for were mainly in the 60 – 69 km/h range. However, there were vehicles clocked at speeds of 71, 72, 76, 80, 85, 86, 89, 100 and 101 km/h.

One female offender was caught speeding at three different locations. She was first stopped for traveling at 67 km/h on Grey's Bridge; then she was stopped for driving at 72 km/h on Middle Road in Southampton (Port Royal); and finally she was stopped for doing 60 km/h near Old South Road in Southampton. All this, despite being told by the officers who stopped her the first and second time that there were other officers conducting laser speed checks in the area. We are reminding all motorists to use care, caution and courtesy while on the island’s roads.

Prank 911 Calls

So far this morning, the Police telephone dispatchers have been inundated with prank 911 calls, mainly from juvenile persons. This is becoming a frequent occurrence during school holiday periods and in particular, the summer holidays. Obviously, all 911 calls must be answered; however, answering these prank calls is taking valuable time away from answering the 911 calls of people in real need of Police assistance.