Breaking & Entering

Sun, 2005-06-19

At 6:05 this morning, Police attended a reported breaking and entering at Vibe on Burnaby Street in the City of Hamilton. Around 6am a member of the public called Police after observing a man dressed in dark clothing enter the store and then exit with shopping bags and a knapsack. The suspect, a 43 year old Pembroke man, was subsequently arrested near the junction of Brunswick Street and Victoria Street in Pembroke and detained. The stolen property was also recovered. Inquiries into this incident are ongoing.


At 8:10pm on Sunday, Police attended a reported assault at Black Beard’s restaurant on Coot Pond Road in St. George’s. On arrival officers spoke with the victim, a 57 year old St. George’s man, who stated that earlier he was sitting at the bar having dinner. A few men were close by drinking shots of alcohol, when one of the men caused a shot glass to shatter, with pieces of glass going into the victim’s food. The victim then showed the man a piece of glass in his meal and was assaulted. The 57 year old St. George’s man was knocked to the ground, kicked and punched about the head before the suspect, a 24 year old St. George’s man, made good his escape. The victim was treated at KEMH for facial injuries and released. Inquiries into this incident are underway.

Weekend Activity

Over the weekend there were 4 people arrested for suspicion of impaired driving and 8 incidents of breaking and entering (1 in Paget, 1 in Devonshire, 1 in Sandy’s parish and 5 in Pembroke). There were also 21 damage only road traffic collisions and 8 road traffic collisions resulting in injury.