Breaking & Entering

Wed, 2005-06-08

Around 2:25pm on Wednesday, Police attended a reported breaking and entering at a First Avenue, Devonshire residence. On arrival officers spoke with the complainants who stated that sometime between 1:20pm and 2pm that day, an unknown culprit gained entry into their home. The culprit stole a wallet containing $500 in cash and several items of jewelry. Inquiries into this incident are underway.


Around 12:35pm on Wednesday, Police attended a report of shoplifting from the Marketplace on Church Street in the City of Hamilton. On arrival officers spoke with the manager who stated that he saw the suspect, a 45 year old Pembroke man, enter the store, take several grocery items and put them into a knapsack. The suspect then attempted to leave without paying for the items; however, he was detained by the manager shortly after exiting the store. The 45 year old Pembroke man was subsequently arrested, taken to the Hamilton Police Station and detained.