Breaking & Entering

Tue, 2005-05-31

The Bermuda Police Service is reporting a breaking and entering that took place at Meadow Lane in Devonshire at 4pm yesterday. The complainant states that he walked into his home only to find out that someone had gained entry into his dwelling and ransacked it looking for items to steal. The thief made off with a Panasonic DVD player, a pair of Ray Ban shades, numerous coins, and a silver Gucci watch. Inquires are ongoing.


Meantime, a Police officer at 1:35pm yesterday entered Market Place in the City of Hamilton for lunch, when he noticed a man that was of interest to the Police. He followed the man to the elevator and informed him that he was being arrested for an outstanding matter. While the suspect was being taken to the Police car, he was seen to remove two bottles of Dawson Special Old Scotch Whiskey valued at $23 each from his clothing. He was subsequently taken to Hamilton Police Station where he was detained.