Operation Vega Update

July 12th 2021 - Operation Vega highlighting the extent of undesirable behaviour, a major cause for concern, on the island’s roads.

In one instance, a driver was clocked at 109 KMH.
Reminding that having a driver’s license is a privilege and not a right, Martin Weekes, Assistant Commissioner of Police provided an update on the progress of Operation Vega thus far:
“With the advent of “Operation Vega” the new Roads Policing Initiative launched one week ago, 219 traffic tickets have been issued and nine stolen bikes recovered.
Of those 219 tickets issued, the biggest numbers (41) were for speeding offences, and for disobeying traffic signs (23).
Tickets were also issued for other targeted offences to do with safety, including:
•                     Driving without due care and attention.
•                     Helmets not fastened.
•                     Use of cell-phones whilst driving.
•                     Driving unlicensed vehicles.
•                     Driving uninsured vehicles.
•                     Driving whilst disqualified.
Additionally, 5 people were arrested for driving whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
Custom Number Plates

The public is advised that as part of Operation Vega, officers will be targeting vehicles with illegal number plates. Owners of vehicles with illegal license plates, run the risk of having their vehicles impounded until correct plates are put on. Failure to do so may result in the vehicle license being withdrawn requiring a re-test.
As a reminder, motor vehicle license plates must have a white reflective background with black markings, with the exception of loaner vehicles license plates which have a yellow background with black markings and rental vehicle license plates, which have a white reflective background with red markings.
The aim of Operation Vega is not to be punitive, but rather to encourage drivers to adhere to the regulations governing the use of our roads as we all work together to reduce the incidence of overall road traffic collisions, but specifically collisions resulting in serious or critical injury and most importantly, road traffic fatalities.”

<p>Operation Vega Update: 219 Tickets 1st Week</p>