The Minister of Labour, Home Affairs & Public Safety The Hon. K.H. Randolph Horton, JP MP Tourist Crimes Unit (TCU)

Mon, 2005-06-06


The Bermuda Government is working hard to revitalize the tourism industry, generating new investments in tourism infrastructure and increasing the numbers of visitors to the island. According to government projections, Bermuda will receive more than 450,000 visitors during the six-month period between May and October 2005. Almost 230,000 of those will comprise of cruise ship passengers. In addition to the regular cruise ship schedule, there will also be weekly ‘mega-ship’ calls at Dockyard by vessels carrying up to 3,500 passengers and 1,400 crew.

Past experience has revealed seasonal fluctuations in certain recorded crime categories, particularly increases in crimes committed against tourists during the summer season. Traditionally, the Bermuda Police Service (BPS) has established a Beach Squad to provide operational support for our Criminal Investigation Units – mostly at the island’s beaches. While useful, the focus of this initiative was not broad enough to address all aspects of tourist crime and failed to adequately address intelligence support and crime prevention requirements.


Working within the framework of the Crime Management Strategy, the BPS is required to develop a pro-active posture in relation to the anticipated upturn in crimes committed against tourists. There is an opportunity to reduce this type of criminal activity through the deployment of a dedicated team that will tackle the problem by working cooperatively with investigative and intelligence units within the Service as well as with outside government and private stakeholders.


The Tourist Crimes Unit (TCU) will be established with effect from Monday 26 May 2005 and will work under the supervision of OIC, CIU until Friday 28 October 2005.

The unit will initially be staffed by two Constables drawn from Operational Policing Division (Patrol Department). The two will be supplemented by an additional officer drawn from the Schools Resource Officers Unit during the peak months of July and August.

The TCU will achieve its objectives by focusing their efforts into three areas: Crime Prevention, Operational support and Intelligence support. The tasks associated with these areas are summarized below:

Crime Prevention

  • High-visibility patrols (in uniform) at tourist venues and special events including beaches, shopping nights, recreational areas, guest properties, street parades etc.
  • Interaction with tourists, providing reassurance and crime prevention advice.
  • Liaison with Crime Prevention Unit (CPU) in support of Hotels and other CPU initiatives. This will include developing relationships with key security personnel at guest properties.
  • Attending inter-agency crime prevention briefing with Department of Parks personnel and working to develop cooperative relationships with Park Rangers, lifeguards etc.
  • Frequent liaison with CPU, including attendance at morning briefings every Tuesday.
  • Supporting existing Crime Stoppers cruise ship and hotel initiatives through frequent liaison under the direction of the Crime Stoppers Coordinator.

Operational Responsibilities

  • Conduct investigations involving crimes against tourists.
  • Arrest those who are suspected of or who have committed offences against tourists.
  • Provide operational support to CIU in the investigation of other crimes against tourists and tourist accommodations.
  • Review daily crime activity involving the victimization of tourists and agree intervention priorities with OIC, CIU.

Intelligence Support

  • Review daily crime activity involving the victimization of tourists and pass information regarding trends to the Intelligence Division for further development and dissemination to the Service.
  • Provide support to intelligence Division by sharing information regarding the scheduling and organization of upcoming special events such as concerts.
  • Provide support to the Intelligence Division through the submission of criminal intelligence.


In order to be effective, TCU personnel will be required to be well-organized, planning ahead to adjust their working hours to accommodate daily priorities. TCU officers will perform their duties in uniform.

Escaped Prisoner

Police are asking for the public’s assistance in locating 26 year old Saje Nearon. Police received a report of Nearon escaping from the Prison Farm around 3:30am on Monday, June 6, 2005. Around 3pm today, Police received specific information that the 26 year old was seen in the Glebe Road/Friswells Road area of Pembroke. However, when Police officers and Corrections officers arrived on the scene, he was able to make good his escape. Saje Nearon is described as a brown skinned male, approximately 6’ tall of slim build, with ginger hair. He was last seen wearing a white shirt and blue jeans.

While Nearon has not been convicted of violent crimes, Police are asking the public not to approach him; instead, anyone with information on the whereabouts of Saje Nearon is asked to contact their nearest Police station or call the main Police number 295-0011.

Update: Around 7pm today, 26 year old Saje Nearon was returned to the Prison Farm.