Three Men Injured: Disturbance in Sandys Parish [Updated]

Sat, 2023-07-15

Around 12:10am Saturday, 15th July 2023, police received a report of a large disturbance on Somerset Road, Sandys, near Cambridge Road.

On police arrival at the scene, it was ascertained that at least ten individuals were involved in a fight, resulting in three men being treated at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital for suspected stab wounds.

After receiving medical care, the three men were later discharged from hospital.

Police are appealing to anyone who was in the area at the time of the incident to contact Sgt. Odessa Philip on 717-2193 or email

Alternatively, you can call the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers number 800-8477, or speak to a police officer that you know.

Update: Monday, 17th July: Detectives continue their inquiries into a reported large disturbance that occurred around 12:10am Saturday, 15th July 2023 on Somerset Road in Sandys parish, near Cambridge Road.

Initial information indicated that three men, now understood to be a 37-year-old, a 34-year-old and a 19-year-old were injured, treated at hospital and later discharged.

However, it has since been confirmed that only the two older men were discharged from the hospital after medical care. At last check the 19-year-old man remained at the hospital, receiving medical treatment for what are understood to be non-life threatening injuries at this time.

The witness appeal continues and investigators are still keen to speak with anyone who was in the Somerset Road, Cambridge Road Sandys parish area around 12:10am Saturday, 15th July 2023.

Members of the public with relevant information are once again encouraged to call Detective Sergeant Odessa Philip on 717-2193, e-mail or call the Criminal Investigations Department on 247-1744.

Alternatively, those that can assist are encouraged to speak to a police officer they know, or provide an anonymous tip by calling the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline, 800-8477.