Introduction to PATI


The Public Access to Information (PATI) Act was enacted on 1st April, 2015. The Act is intended to promote a culture of openness and accountability by providing the public with rights of access to information. The Bermuda Police Service (BPS) has a legal responsibility to comply with the Act.


Subject to certain exemptions provided for in the Act, you have a right to access records held by the BPS and to be told whether the BPS holds any information about you. You have a right to inspect, or be provided with a copy of those records within a six week period.


ONLY Bermudians or residents of Bermuda may apply for records.


The BPS may, in certain circumstances decline to provide you with specific information. For example, we will not provide information if we believe that releasing it to you is likely to prejudice the prevention, detection or investigation of a breach of the law. We may also decline to release information which identifies other individuals. If we decline to provide you with information, we will explain why.


Request for access to records:

A request for records held by the BPS must be made in writing to the BPS. Please be specific and succinct in your request. Please also specify whether you wish to inspect or have a copy of the said record. Please navigate to the relevant tab on this site and complete the form online (or print and complete it in black ink by hand). Please follow the instructions and submit to the BPS PATI office.


Once we have received your request, we will acknowledge receipt of it within five working days.


Information held about me regarding conviction history:

If you require a copy of, or wish to inspect your conviction history records DO NOT use the PATI application form.


The processing of criminal convictions is the responsibility of the courts, and all applications for conviction history records should be referred to: The Registry of the Supreme Court, Old Town Hall, 113 Front Street, Hamilton HM12 or at (441) 292-1350 – AND –Senior Magistrate, Magistrates Court, Dame Lois Brown Evans Building, 58 Court Street, Hamilton HM12.