Help Us Bring Jordan Outerbridge's Killers to Justice

Fri, 2021-04-09

Detective Superintendent Nicholas Pedro, Officer in Charge, Serious Crime Unit - "The Bermuda Police Service would like to recognise the important work done by the Gang Violence Reduction Team, who have assisted in quelling serious gang activity over the past several years, activity that many in the public will not be aware of.

The Serious Crime Unit is currently looking at all the evidence in the case, and regrettably, we are of the view that the cruel killing of Mr. Jordan Outerbridge, a loving husband and father, was gang related.

Whilst we do not hold the view that Mr. Outerbridge is or was affiliated with any gang, or gang activity, we are confident his killers were part of an organized and criminal gang.

As we have previously stated, the method, circumstances, and physical evidence in the case points to methods often used by criminal gangs to injure or kill members of our community.

For too long, the scourge of gangs in Bermuda has been permitted by the silent minority, who could help to make Bermuda safer.

We ask each of you to do something to help make Bermuda safer, and turn in these killers.

The families of Mr. Outerbridge, and countless others who have lost their lives, or been maimed by gun violence, need you to speak up.

Please, call today, 295-0011 or 800-TIPS (8477)."