Acting Superintendent Laws Participates in West Midlands Police 2022 Operation Unity Observer Programme

Thu, 2022-09-15

As part of ongoing efforts to ensure our officers receive high level training in preparation for leadership roles and providing overall better policing, Acting Superintendent Jerome Laws recently participated in the “West Midlands Police 2022 Operation Unity Observer Programme.” The programme provided an opportunity for police and security partners to gain first hand insight into the planning and delivery of a major operation.

The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games took place in the West Midlands between Thursday 28th July until Monday 8th August. The region, with the help of West Midlands Police and colleagues from all over the United Kingdom, hosted more than 6,000 athletes from across 73 Commonwealth nations and territories. The observer programme provided delegates with the opportunity to see first-hand, the final security operation preparations in a controlled environment.

Delegates visited key logistical sites and heard invaluable first hand insights into specific areas of planning and delivery of the Games. With the opportunity to visit both competition and non-competition venues, integral operational and logistics hubs and hear direct from the team, delegates learnt about the approach to the planning operation, how the plans developed and the lessons learnt along the way. 

The comprehensive programme covered work streams such as:

·         Operations, Support, Command and Control

·         Resourcing

·         Transport & Logistics

·         Engagement

·         Business Support

·         Business Continuity

·         Testing & Exercise Testing