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Volunteer to Serve Our Community: Join the Bermuda Reserve Police

Thu, 2023-05-04

Recruitment for the Bermuda Reserve Police is currently underway, with men and women from 18 to 57 years of age encouraged to apply.

The recruitment process involves written tests, physical tests and a medical assessment.

Applicants are advised that standards for the Bermuda Reserve Police are similar to the Bermuda Police Service.

It should also be noted that the Commissioner of Police may deem an applicant ineligible at any stage of the recruitment process.

An initial commitment of three years’ service is expected of successful Reserve Police Constable candidates.

Basic training will cover many subjects in depth, to the same level of career police recruits.

Similarly, duties performed by Reserve Police officers are many and varied. They are trained in the basics of police work and have the same powers of arrest as career police officers.

To apply and for more information, please visit

Interested individuals can also call 247-1787 or e-mail

The deadline for applications is Wednesday, 17th May 2023.

Operation Vega Update for April 2023

Wed, 2023-05-03

Chief Inspector Robert Cardwell, Tactical Operations Division – “Operation Vega remains a priority for the Bermuda Police Service. However, while enforcement has a role to play in helping to reduce harm on our roads, every road user has a responsibility to ensure their own safety and the safety of others, in their daily travels around the island.”


From 1st January until 30th April 2023, 87 drivers were arrested for impaired driving – 14 in January, 27 in February, 25 in March and 21 in April. In comparison, for the same period in 2022, 55 drivers were arrested for impaired driving.

During the month of April 2023, 471 traffic tickets were issued, up from 468 in the previous reporting period. In addition, 59 motorist advice notices (official written warnings) were issued, up from 51 in the previous reporting period.

209 parking tickets were also issued, up from 172 in the previous reporting period.

Since the start of Operation Vega (6th July 2021), a total of 9,634 traffic tickets have been issued. The breakdown of ticketed traffic offences for April 2023 is below. The change compared to the previous reporting period is provided in brackets.

Speeding                                      149 (-92) Speeds ranged from 59 kph to 92 kph.

Traffic sign                                     29 (+3)

Unlicensed vehicle                       80 (+30)

No third party insurance             64 (+18)

No driver’s licence                        57 (+3)

Manner of driving                         11 (+9)

Disqualified driver                           1 (-6)

Seatbelt                                             9 (+5)

Helmet                                              8 (0)

Handheld device                            18 (0)

Defective vehicle                             3 (+1)

Fail to give name/address              0 (0)

Fail to stop                                        7 (+2)

Fraudulent documents                   0 (0)

Making false statement                 0 (-2)

License plate offence                   16 (+9)

Tint offence                                   14 (+14)

Youth license offence                    4 (+2)

BPS Recruitment Underway, Now Open to Resident Non-Bermudians

Tue, 2023-05-02

The Bermuda Police Service (BPS) is currently recruiting for Constable candidates and recently received approval to expand its eligibility criteria regarding local residents.

Applicants must now be Bermudian, the spouse of a Bermudian or a resident non-Bermudian, in good physical and mental health.

Applicants must also have a Bermuda School Diploma (BSD) or equivalent and must be between the ages of 19 and 49 years old at the start of the contract.

Eligible individuals seeking a career in law enforcement, to represent the local community, and assist in ‘Making Bermuda Safer’, are encouraged to apply.

All successful applicants are required to pass the following evaluations to be considered for the upcoming Recruit Foundation Course (RFC).

•             Police Initial Recruitment Test (PIRT)

•             Job Related Fitness Test (JRFT)

•             Security Checks

•             Personality Evaluation

•             Physical (which includes BMI Assessment)

•             Psychological Evaluations

•             Medical Examinations

•             Assessment Board

Those that are accepted to join the RFC will receive on the job training via academic modules, course work, exams, and practical exercises.

Academic as well as practical learning on the RFC are assessed and coincide with serving as a student police officer, which involves active frontline duties for the Bermuda Police Service.

The deadline for applications is Wednesday, 17th May 2023. To apply, please visit

No hard copy applications will be accepted.

Secret Shopper Scam Advisory

Tue, 2023-05-02

The Bermuda Police Service is reminding the public to be wary of advertisements for what turn out to be fake job opportunities circulating on social media. These advertisements are normally placed on Facebook, but have also been received via personal e-mail, WhatsApp, text message and eMoo.

Persons are invited to sign up for employment, usually as a secret shopper, by fake research companies and enticed by the opportunity of earning money for evaluating local shops. In one current iteration of the scam, the alleged company is “Cellmark Investments” and applicants are instructed to make contact by emailing -

In another current version, the employment advertisement is placed on Facebook by someone fraudulently using the name of a local hotelier.

Persons who respond to these advertisements are then sent an application form asking for contact numbers and banking information.

They then receive deposits of varying amounts into their personal bank account, in one case the person received more than $6,000, and are informed that they are allowed to keep a portion usually between $200 and $300 as payment for their mystery shopper services.

The recipient is then instructed to use the remainder of the funds to purchase iTunes and other gift cards, scratch the cards to reveal the numbers, take a picture of the card numbers and send it back to the advertiser, who is never heard from again.

Individuals deceived by this scam are unknowingly being used to launder criminal proceeds.

Please be aware that the money deposited into your account is often stolen or, criminally obtained.

Scammers have been accessing local bank accounts and stealing funds to deposit into accounts of anyone who responds to the secret shopper offer. Within the past 2 days, the Bermuda Police Service has received a number of reports of person either being scammed or being used to facilitate the above mentioned scam.

In another scam, unsuspecting customers received an email purporting to be from Butterfield Bank. The email address used,, is not a bona-fide Butterfield address.

After following the instructions given in the email, a check of their respective accounts revealed that large sums of cash were transferred to persons locally.

Once the fraudulent activity is detected, your account will be frozen pending the outcome of investigations and the money deposited by the scammers will be taken from your account to reimburse the person whose money was transferred to it.

The public should be suspicious of any messages received from survey and research companies, particularly “Cellmark Investments”, although, the name of the company may vary.

Other tell-tale signs of this scam are as follows:

             Recruiters send cash immediately

             You are asked to buy gift cards with the majority of the money

             You are told to keep a portion as pay

             You are asked to scratch the coating off the gift card to show the PIN code

             You are asked to send pictures of the card’s front and back to the recruiter

Should you be approached to do these things, be aware, it is a scam. We urge that should you receive such an offer, do not respond.

Local banks are already vigilant for this suspicious activity and are likely to freeze the assets of any account found to be involved in the secret shopper scam.

Any incidents of suspected fraud should be reported to the Financial Crime Unit on telephone number 247-1757 or, via the e-mail address You may also call the Criminal Investigation Unit number 247-1744.

Chavelle Dillon-Burgess Murder Investigation Remains Active

Sun, 2023-04-30

The investigation into the murder of Chavelle Dillon-Burgess, has now entered its third year.

Chavelle was reported missing by her mother on Thursday, 30th April, 2020, about two weeks before she would have celebrated her 27th birthday. She was reportedly last seen alive on Saturday, 11th April, 2020.

While a suspect has been arrested and charged in court in relation to this matter, investigators remain keen on speaking with anyone who may have any knowledge of Chavelle’s whereabouts between the 11th and 30th of April, 2020.

It does not matter how insignificant you may believe that information to be.

Detective Inspector Jason Smith, who is leading the investigation, reminded: “Chavelle’s son who is now only three and a half years old, will never know what it means to experience a mother’s love while growing up.

Her own mother, with whom she shared an extremely close relationship, continues to mourn her loss. A loss made even more difficult by the fact that she has no idea what happened to her daughter, whose remains are yet to be recovered.

We continue to put our resources behind this investigation and are once again appealing for anyone with information on what may have happened to Chavelle between the time she was last seen and the date she was reported missing to get in contact with us and help ease the sorrow of her loved ones.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Inspector Jason Smith on 717-0864 or, via email –

Alternatively, you may also call the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers number, 800-8477 or, contact a police officer you know and speak with them.

Sudden Death: Visitor Dies After Marine Incident [Updated]

Thu, 2023-04-27

The Bermuda Police Service is investigating the sudden death of a United States national, following a reported marine incident.

Around 11:22 a.m. on Wednesday, 26th April, 2023, police, emergency services personnel and Bermuda Coast Guard were despatched to a marine incident involving a diver in difficulty in the Western Blue Cut area of the reefs.

Information received indicated the diver, a 48-year-old U.S. national, from on board the cruise ship Celebrity Reflection, was scuba diving (not snorkelling) with a group when she experienced difficulties and was removed from the water, unresponsive.

Upon arrival, EMTs and Coast Guard personnel commenced CPR on the victim who was subsequently transported by ambulance to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, where she was pronounced dead a short time later.

An investigation into this incident has begun and no further information will be provided at this time.

Detectives Investigating Recent Burglaries at Service Stations

Thu, 2023-04-27

Detectives are currently investigating five reported burglaries at separate service stations in various locations.

All reported incidents occurred in the pre-dawn hours of Saturday, 22nd April, Sunday, 23rd April, Tuesday, 25th April, Wednesday, 26th April and Thursday, 27th April 2023.

The affected service stations are:

RUBiS Terceira’s, North Shore Road, Smith’s parish (22nd April)
Crawl Hill Esso Tiger Market, Hamilton parish (23rd April)
Collector’s Hill Esso Tiger Market, Devonshire (25th April)
RUBiS Causeway (Blue Hole Hill), Hamilton parish (26th April)
Warwick Esso Tiger Market, Middle Road, Warwick (27th April)

So far, bulk items like cigarettes appear to be the main items removed and as such, residents are advised to avoid buying bulk cigarettes or other bulk items from individuals.

Detectives are following all lines of inquiry, including the likelihood that these recent service station burglaries may be linked. However, that possibility has not been confirmed at this time.

Business owners, in particular service station proprietors, are reminded to ensure that their alarm systems and security cameras are in working order.

In addition, members of the public are encouraged to report any suspicious individuals or activities around service stations, commercial premises or homes in their neighbourhoods by calling 211 as soon as possible.

Any persons with information about these recent service station burglaries, no matter how insignificant it may seem, are encouraged to call the Criminal Investigations Department on 247-1744 at the earliest opportunity.

Alternatively, community members can share any information they may have with a police officer they know, or submit an anonymous tip to Crime Stoppers by calling their independent and confidential hotline 800-8477, or visiting



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