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Black History Month Trailblazer: Station Duty Officer Linda Bogle-Mienzer

Fri, 2021-02-12

Today’s Black History Month Trailblazer: Station Duty Officer Linda Bogle-Mienzer

Linda Bogle-Mienzer is a Black Bermudian gay unionist. She joined the Bermuda Police Service (BPS) in June 1996, as a Station Duty Officer (SDO); a role she continues to perform.

In addition to her policing duties which includes her mentoring, coaching and training other SDOs, in 2009, Linda became the Chairperson of Division 7 Bermuda Public Service Union (BPSU) and in 2015, she was elected as 2nd Vice President, of the BPSU.

Linda’s involvement and love for her community are second to none and she is a key member of the BPS team, an organiser and the host of the popular Bermuda Police Service's Police Week Seniors' Tea event.

Linda is also a leader for social change and a long serving member of local community awareness groups CURB and Restorative Justice. Linda’s love for sports is another highlight of her career as in 2008, she Captained Bermuda’s First Female Cricket Team, in Women’s World Cup Qualifiers, held in South Africa.

A consummate professional in all of her endeavours, Linda’s contribution as a member of the BPS is commendable.

Reported Firearm Incident in Hamilton Parish

Fri, 2021-02-12

The Bermuda Police Service yesterday, Thursday 11th February, 2021, received reports that multiple gunshots were fired at a residence in the Harlem Heights area of Hamilton Parish, around 11:00 p.m. on Wednesday 10th February, 2021.

However, a subsequent search of the location where the incident is alleged to have occurred, revealed no forensic evidence to confirm the report.

The BPS has heightened patrols in and around Hamilton Parish to provide reassurance to residents of Harlem Heights.

Black History Month Trailblazer: Former Inspector Milton Marsh

Thu, 2021-02-11

Today’s Black History Month Trailblazer: Former Inspector Milton Marsh

Born in Nevis in 1910, and raised in St. Kitts where his father was a police officer it could be said that young Milton Murray Marsh had law enforcement in his blood but he never thought to join the police at that time.

When he was a young man his father came to work in Bermuda in Public Works and Milton decided to visit the Island himself where he met and married a young Bermudian, Miss Gwendolyn Williams, who was the daughter of Det. Sgt. J.J. Williams who worked alongside Bermuda’s first detective “D.O” Simons. Milton decided to stay in Bermuda and in June 1941 he joined the Bermuda Police at which time he was handed a worn out flashlight, a pair of handcuffs and a truncheon, and set off to walk the beat.

He was one of several West Indian policemen at that time, and many years later, when asked about his early days as a policeman he commented that because of his West Indian origin people would often refer to him as a “jigger foot”, and he encountered a lot of prejudice.

He became a detective working out of Somerset alongside the great Somerset duo of Mike (Cann) and Spike (Hazel), and later in Central CID alongside Vernon Jackson, Edward “Bosun” Swainson and “Chief” Oliver Trott. Whilst in CID he was promoted to Detective Sergeant, and during his career he received seven Commissioner’s Commendations for good work carrying out investigations. It is clear that Milton was a very dedicated and resourceful officer who greatly contributed to the efforts of the BPS in maintaining law and order throughout his service, and particularly whilst in CID. His dedication resulted in Milton being the first officer of West Indian origin to be promoted to Detective Inspector.

Black History Month Trailblazer: Constable Dwayne Leverock

Wed, 2021-02-10

Today’s Black History Month Trailblazer: Constable Dwayne Leverock.

Constable Dwayne Leverock, more popularly known as “Sluggo”, joined the Bermuda Police Service (BPS) as a Cadet in March 1989. He has served in a host of different units within the BPS, including, the Police Task Force, Central Station Jailor, Prosecutions Department, Eastern and Central Patrol Divisions. He is currently posted as a Police Dispatcher in the Operations Centre, Prospect.

Constable Leverock is the recipient of Police Long Service Awards, as well as several letters of good work.

In addition to a successful policing career, Sluggo has also had an illustrious sporting career. His most recognized sporting feat date being that now world famous “Superman-like catch” in the 2007 Cricket World Cup, to remove Indian opening batsman Robin Uthappa.

An avid golfer, Sluggo boasts a 7 handicap. While representing the BPS, in 2017 and 2018, he won his group play matches at the famous Myrtle Beach Golf Club in Florida.

Sluggo was also a member of the Bermuda national football team and has represented several top local clubs, including, PHC Zebras, North Village Community Club and the Police team, Prospect United. He has represented the BPS in international soccer tournaments and was a part of the winning team in North American Police Soccer Championships, as well as the US Secret Service “Stop the Violence” Soccer Tournaments held in Washington DC.

A standout cricketer, Sluggo played for many years in the Annual Cup Match Classic, representing the Somerset Cricket Club, and remains 11th overall in terms of wickets taken in the classic with an impressive 44 wickets to his name.

Curfew Breach Resulting in Arrest

Wed, 2021-02-10

Shortly before 12:30 a.m. today, Wednesday 10th February, 2021, members of the Roads Policing Unit (RPU) were assisting with a curfew checkpoint on North Shore Road in Devonshire.

Officers observed a motorcycle make a U-turn as the rider neared the checkpoint.

RPU units attempted to stop the rider who led them on a high speed chase west along Middle Road in Devonshire and on to Shelton Road in Pembroke, where the rider lost control and came off the bike in the area of First Avenue.

Safer Internet Day 2021

Tue, 2021-02-09

Think Before You Click.

Your digital footprint is a permanent trail you leave the moment you sign onto any online service or social medium. Your digital footprint, by its permanence, can have serious repercussions on your future, both professionally and personally.

With February 9th observed as “International Safer Internet Day” Inspector Karema Flood of the Vulnerable Persons Unit (VPU) in conjunction with Cybertips, highlighted two areas of major concern impacting teenagers, cyberbullying and sexting. Before you engage in either activity, take a minute and think before you click.

Black History Month Trailblazer: Former Deputy Commissioner Roseanda Young (Jones)

Tue, 2021-02-09

Today’s Black History Month Trailblazer: Deputy Commissioner Roseanda Young (Jones)

Roseanda Young joined Bermuda Police Force in May, 1978, as a member of Basic Training Course #23 and graduated having attained the “Baton of Honour” award, which is presented to the best all-round recruit. Throughout her career of spanning thirty years, she worked in several key departments, breaking glass ceilings along the way. She made her mark as the 1st female officer in Cycle Squad; 1st Female Officer in charge of the Community Media Relations; 1st Female to be named 2nd in charge of the Narcotics Division; 1st Female to head up the Intelligence and Special Branch Division; and the 1st Bermudian Female Officer to attend the FBI National Academy where she received her Certificate in Police Management. In addition, and through her training Roseanda created and maintains lifelong relationships with law enforcement agency colleagues from the FBI, DEA, Interpol and Bramshill to name a few. She made history again in December, 2005, when she became Bermuda’s first and only female to be promoted to the rank of Deputy Commissioner of Police. Mrs. Young remained in that position until her retirement in May, 2008. She is a recipient of Her Majesty the Queen's Certificate and Badge of Honour, Queen’s Long Service and Merit Award, 3 Commissioner’s Commendations and several Letters of Good Work.



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