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Number of Road Traffic Fatalities Remains at 8 [Updated]

Tue, 2022-11-15

Shortly after 4:00 a.m. on Tuesday 15th November, 2022, police received a report of a single vehicle collision involving a car, just east of the junction of Watch Hill and South Shore Road, Smith’s Parish.

Upon arrival, officers found an unresponsive 68-year-old-male in the driver’s seat of the vehicle which, was facing west, in the east bound lane of South Shore Road and partially off the roadway.

Officers began performing CPR and continued until the arrival of EMTs, who took over.

The man, who remained unresponsive, was transferred by ambulance to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, where he was subsequently pronounced dead.

Sadly, this is the 9th road traffic fatality for 2022.

The scene was processed by forensics officers along with Traffic Collision Investigators.

No further information will be provided until next of kin have been informed.

Update: Thursday, 17th November - The Bermuda Police Service can now confirm the identity of the 68-year-old male found unresponsive inside his vehicle in the early hours of Tuesday 15th November, 2022, as Mr. Albert Simons.

Mr. Simons had been listed as the island’s 9th road fatality for the year.

However, following an autopsy, it has been determined Mr. Simons‘ sudden death was as a result of natural causes and not injuries related to the collision.

As such, his passing is not considered a road traffic fatality.

Therefore, the number of fatal road traffic collisions for this year remains at 8.

The Bermuda Police Service extends sincere condolences to the family of Mr. Simons.

Six Arrested & Large Quantity of Controlled Drugs Seized in Smith's Parish

Mon, 2022-11-14

Around 1:15pm today, Monday, 14th November, 2022, the Bermuda Police Service Narcotics Unit assisted by the Police Support Unit (PSU), executed a warrant at a residence on Collectors Close, Smith's Parish, as part of an ongoing investigation.

Six individuals, five males and one female, were arrested in connection with this matter and a quantity of controlled drugs, cannabis and heroin were seized.

The drugs seized have an estimated street value of $1.3 million dollars.

The investigation into this matter has not yet been completed.

No further information will be provided at this time.

BPS Training Course Underway for Future Investigators

Mon, 2022-11-14

Today, Monday 14th November 2022, the Bermuda Police Service (BPS) commenced a basic investigators training course at Police Headquarters in Prospect, Devonshire.

The two-week course, being conducted by BPS Inspector Derrick Golding and BPS Constable Ronald Taylor, comprises 14 BPS officers as well as two Customs Department officers.

Commissioner of Police Darrin Simons highlighted that ongoing training, including working with associated law enforcement partners, is important and provides tangible benefits.

“This type of training further develops our local talent.

This is the second investigators course this year, with a further two planned for 2023.

Consistent training helps us to keep pace with best practice and facilitates succession planning.

I am proud of the work our officers do – and appreciate the opportunity for joint training with our law enforcement partners whenever possible.”

Holiday Weekend Policing

Mon, 2022-11-14

The “Memorial Day” holiday weekend went off quite smoothly from a serious crime perspective and we would like to thank the members of the public for working with us to make it a peaceful weekend. However, there were a number of arrests for various offences, starting on Friday night.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Martin Weekes stated: “The majority of these arrests were for outstanding warrants. The Bermuda Police Service, (BPS), has stepped up efforts in terms of ensuring that individuals with outstanding warrants meet their responsibility. So we advise that if you have an outstanding warrant, you take action to have it cleared. To that end, ten people were arrested on outstanding warrants this past weekend. Worryingly, a number of people were arrested for assault, including against the police. One of our officers was left with injuries to both arms after they were assaulted by a suspect during a search, having been arrested for a previous assault, on another individual.”

Over the weekend one person was arrested for driving whilst disqualified.


              Obstruction – 1

              Driving whilst disqualified by the court - 1

              Warrant   - 10

              Common Assault - 2

              Common assault on Police - 1

              Breach of the Peace - 1

              Wilful Damage - 1

Despite repeated advisories that Operation Vega remains in place, some road users continue to ignore traffic regulations.

Assistant Commissioner Weekes said: “Operation Vega has been implemented in a continued effort to curtail such behaviour and there will be ongoing heightened police activity as we seek to improve behaviour on the island’s roads. We accept that this will require consistent action on our part as bad driving behaviour is cultural and will take time to change.”

Speeding is one of the main targets of Operation Vega. Thirty-one people were ticketed for speeding offences over the weekend. The highest recorded speed was 72 kilometres per hour. More than twice the 35 kilometre per hour limit.

As previously stated, there is a noticeable increase in the number of people being ticketed for driving unlicensed/uninsured vehicles and driving without a driver’s license.

We wish to remind you that, failure to license your car, attracts a $750 fixed penalty. For failing to license a motorcycle, the fixed penalty is $250. Operating a vehicle without a driver’s license, carries a fixed penalty of $100. The courts will levy a $1000 fine if you are found to be operating an uninsured vehicle.  


              No Driver’s Licence   -      5

              No Vehicle Licence    -     13

              No Insurance              -     12

              Disqualified Driving   -     3

              Speeding                      -    41

              MAN forms                  -    23

              Traffic sign offences   -    4

              Unfastened Helmet         -    1

              Driving without due care and attention      -     1

Investigation Commenced Into Incident Near the W.E.R. Joel Tennis Stadium

Thu, 2022-11-10

An investigation has commenced into an incident which took place in the area of the W.E.R. Joel Tennis Stadium on Marsh Folly Road, Pembroke, between 5:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. on Friday, November 4th, 2022.

Investigators are particularly interested in speaking with anyone who may be able to identify the two persons featured in the photograph or, the motorcycle they were traveling on.

Anyone with information regarding the two suspects or the motorbike, is asked to contact the investigating officer, Acting Sergeant Odessa Philip on 717-2193 or, via e-mail

You may also call 211 or, the main police number 295-0011. Alternatively you may provide the information to a police officer with whom you are familiar.

Bus Crash on North Shore Road, Devonshire: One Person Injured

Wed, 2022-11-09

Shortly after 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday 9th November, 2022, officers dispatched to the area of North Shore Road, Devonshire, near the old Clayhouse Inn to a report of a PTB bus had gone off the road and landed in a trench.

Reports are one passenger on board the bus was injured. The extent of their injuries is unknown.

The roadway was closed at the scene of the collision. Traffic headed west was diverted at the junction of North Shore Road and Store Hill. Traffic headed east, was diverted at the junction of Barkers Hill and North Shore Road.

However the bus was removed and the roadway reopened around 6:15 p.m.

Operation Vega Update: 10th October - 7th November 2022

Mon, 2022-11-07

This last period of Operation Vega, October 10th, 2022 to November 7th, 2022 represents another period of heavy traffic enforcement. The numbers reported for each traffic offence have increased over the previous reporting period.  

Of major concern is the troubling issue of impaired driving. This continues to be a prolific offence, with 15 offenders arrested in this period. Of note, in the month of October this year, there were nine people charged before the courts, fined and banned from the roads, for driving whilst impaired.

Also of concern is the number of unlicensed and uninsured vehicles on the roads, as well as the number of persons driving or riding with invalid or, no driver’s license.  Please be aware, failure to license your car, attracts a $750 fixed penalty. For failing to license a motorcycle, the fixed penalty is $250. Operating a vehicle without a driver’s license, carries a fixed penalty of $100. The courts will levy a $1000 fine if you are found to be operating an uninsured vehicle.   

Disobeying traffic signs and red lights is also a prolific problem on the roads. And for those using Paget lights during the morning commute, we have heard you. 

Chief Inspector Robert Cardwell of the Tactical Support Unit, stated: “We have been deploying roads policing to those lights of late and we have reported many for traffic offences including driving without due care and attention, driving without reasonable consideration and disobeying the red light. There is a current trend where motorcyclists travelling east, towards the red light, go into the offside lane, wait for the light to turn green, then, shoot off across the first car stopped at the light and weave between the first car travelling west. We have been heavily policing this bad riding behaviour.” 

The public is once again reminded that Operation Vega remains in place. This will continue until we are satisfied that we have brought calm to our roads.

During this period, (October 10th, 2022 to November 7th, 2022) 702 moving violation tickets (MVTs) were issued, up from 495 in the previous reporting period. In addition, during this reporting period, 68 motorist advice notices, (MANs - warnings), were issued. That’s up from 52 in the previous reporting period. 154 Parking violation tickets were issued, down from 190 in the previous reporting period.

8,585 MVTs have been reported in the Operation Vega period which launched on July 1st 2021 to November 7th, 2022.  

The break-down of traffic offences reported is as follows:

Impaired Driving Arrests           15

Speeding                                     303 (+22)  excessive speeds recorded ranged from 58 kph to 93 kph.  

Traffic Sign                                      155 (+116)                 

Unlicensed Vehicle                         86 (+31)                  

No third party insurance                 70 (+14)           

No Driver’s license                          38 (+6)       

Manner of driving                           19 (+5)

Disqualified                                       2 (-3)                     

Seatbelt                                              0 (-11)                       

Helmet                                                15 (+10)               

Handheld device                                2 (+2)

Defective vehicle                               1 (-1)

Fail to give name/address                0 (0)

Fail to Stop                                          4 (+2)

Fraudulent Docs                                 2 (-4)

Defective Vehicles                              1 (-1)

Making False Statement                    0 (-1)

Fail to exhibit license plate               2 (+2)                       

In tandem with Operation Vega, we continued to meet our mandate of making Bermuda safer by responding to calls for service. This was a busy period for calls for service, with 1,028 recorded, up from 976 in the previous period.



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