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Reported Two Vehicle Collision in Devonshire [Updated]

Sun, 2022-11-20

Around 7:20pm today, Sunday 20th November 2022, a collision occurred in the Loyal Hill Road, North Shore Road Devonshire area.

Details are limited at this time. However, initial information suggests that two vehicles were involved and that the incident may have resulted in serious injury.

Traffic diversions are currently in effect while inquiries are conducted and the scene is forensically processed.

An update is anticipated in due course.

Any witnesses are encouraged to call 211 as soon as possible.

Update: Traffic diversions are no longer in effect. It now appears that a car and a motorcycle were involved in this collision, that occurred around 7:20pm today, Sunday 20th November 2022, in the Loyal Hill Road, North Shore Road Devonshire area.

The male motorcycle rider involved is understood to have sustained a leg injury which requires hospital treatment, as well as abrasions and lacerations to his body. However, his injuries are not believed to be life threatening.

Inquiries continue and any witnesses are once again encouraged to call 211 as soon as possible.

Reported Single Vehicle Collision in Hamilton Parish: Driver Not Located [Updated]

Sun, 2022-11-20

Around 4:30 a.m. on Sunday 20th November 2022, police officers responded to a single vehicle road traffic collision involving a rental cycle in the area of North Shore Road, Hamilton Parish; near the junction of East Point Lane.

Upon arrival officers found the rental cycle lodged crashed into a nearby wall.

However, the driver of the damaged vehicle could not be located.

Officers conducted searches of the coast line as well as the residential areas in proximity of the collision scene, without success.

Traffic was diverted away from the area while the scene was processed. However the roadway was reopened shortly after 7:15 a.m.

Anyone with information on this incident is asked to call the BPS non-emergency reporting number, 211 or the main police number, 295-0011.

Update: Monday, 21st November - The Bermuda Police Service thanks the public for their assistance regarding a single vehicle collision that occurred around 4:30am Sunday, 20th November 2022 on North Shore Road in Hamilton parish, near the junction with East Point Lane.

It can now be confirmed that a Renault Twizy rental minicar was involved, not a rental cycle.

The driver and passenger at the time of the crash, said to be a 47-year-old St. George’s man and 42-year-old St. George’s woman, have since been located. It is understood that their injuries were not serious. Inquiries continue.

Constable McKeon Stevens Recognised for 14 Years of Dedication to CISM

Fri, 2022-11-18

Police Constable McKeon Stevens was recently recognised for his fourteen years of service as part of the Bermuda Police Service’s Critical Incident Stress Management Team, (CISM).

The CISM Programme is an intervention protocol program developed specifically for dealing with traumatic events. It is a formal highly structured and professionally recognized process for helping those involved in a critical incident to share their experiences, vent emotions, learn about stress reactions and symptoms and given referral for further professional help if required. It is not psychotherapy. It is a  confidential, voluntarily, peer driven process,  designed to assist BPS officers and support staff, cope with psychological and emotional stress.

Mr. Stevens was a CISM team leader and worked alongside Mrs. Isis Wellman, Occupational Welfare Officer and Director for the Occupational Health Unit, who also leads the BPS’s CISM team. The team includes Sergeant Raoul Ming - CISM coordinator and Chaplin Kevin Santucci as well as community mental health professionals, Pastors, police officers, and police support staff to assist in providing:

             One on one crisis intervention.

             Pastoral crisis intervention.

             Family crisis intervention.


             Pre-crisis preparation.

             Strategic planning.

             Critical incident stress debriefing.

             Crisis management briefing.

Mr. Stevens was an active CISM team member while still performing his regular duties as a police officer.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Martin Weekes who presented P.C. Stevens with a certificate of recognition said, “Having known PC Stevens since he first joined the service as a cadet, I have watched him progress through its various units with a dedication to duty, that has served him well as a member of the CISM team. He has proven himself an asset to the organisation."

Pictured, from left to right: Mrs. Isis Wellman, Occupational Welfare Officer and Director for the Occupational Health Unit (who also leads the BPS’s CISM team), Assistant Commissioner of Police Martin Weekes, Constable McKeon Stevens and CISM coordinator Sergeant Raoul Ming.

Sudden Death of 68-Year-Old Albert Simons

Fri, 2022-11-18

The Bermuda Police Service can now confirm the identity of the 68-year-old male found unresponsive inside his vehicle in the early hours of Tuesday 15th November, 2022, as Mr. Albert Simons.

Mr. Simons had been listed as the island’s 9th road fatality for the year.

However, following an autopsy, it has been determined Mr. Simons‘ sudden death was as a result of natural causes and not injuries related to the collision.

As such, his passing is not considered a road traffic fatality.

Therefore, the number of fatal road traffic collisions for this year remains at 8.

The Bermuda Police Service extends sincere condolences to the family of Mr. Simons.

Online Purchase Scam Advisory

Thu, 2022-11-17

In recent times, the Bermuda Police Service, (BPS), has received several reports of persons being duped into making online payments for the purchase of goods advertised for sale on several social media platforms, only to then not receive the items paid for.

The BPS is asking the public to be extremely vigilant when making such purchases,in order to avoid becoming a victim to this scam.

Detective Inspector, Clifford Roberts of the Criminal Investigations Unit, stated, “We wish to remind the public to take necessary precautions when conducting purchases, particularly, online purchases from private sellers.

·    When buying from a private seller, avoid making electronic bank transfers.

·    Make inquiries of and about the seller.

·    Meet with the seller at a public location within easy view of other people.

·    If possible, take someone along with you.

·     Be sure to physically check items before making payment.

·    Do not make payment before you have received the item.”

If you are suspicious about a seller or items advertised for sale on social media, simply do not make the purchase.

If you are a victim of this scam or have information on anyone engaging in it or, acts of similar nature, please call to the non emergency reporting number, 211, the main police number 295-0011 or, 800-TIPS (8477).

You may also wish to use the BPS crime reporting portal, or speak with a police officer you know.

Suspect Arrested for Knife Possession

Wed, 2022-11-16

A suspect has been arrested after he was found to be in possession of a knife, while on board a public bus.

Around 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, 15th November, 2022, police attended a road traffic collision involving a PTB bus, on Middle Road, near the junction with Chapel Road, Paget.

As passengers disembarked the bus, officers were alerted there was a male who allegedly had a knife in his possession, on board. Officers approached the suspect and saw that he was holding a knife in his right hand.

The suspect who was disarmed without incident, used threatening words to police during the ensuing arrest.

Chief Inspector, Robert Cardwell of the Police Support Unit, said: “Here we see what can be achieved when the community and police work together. Information shared with us, has led to the arrest and subsequent charging of this suspect for offences committed under the “Criminal Code Act 1907.”

Under Section 315-F of the Criminal Code Act 1907, police officers have the authority to stop and search any individual they suspect of carrying a bladed article.

The Act further states, “Any person who without lawful authority or reasonable excuse, has in his possession in any public place any offensive weapon shall be guilty of a misdemeanour, and shall be liable—on summary conviction, to imprisonment for two years or to a fine of fifteen hundred dollars or both. If convicted on indictment, they are liable to imprisonment for four years or to a fine of five thousand dollars or both.”

BPS Seeking Rightful Owners of Impounded Vehicles

Wed, 2022-11-16

The Bermuda Police Service (BPS) currently has a number of vehicles at the Prospect Devonshire impound, including 29 reported stolen motorcycles that were later recovered.

Our priority is to return these vehicles to their rightful owners. As a result, members of the public are encouraged to review the list of registration numbers in the Official Gazette notice on the Government of Bermuda’s website, to identify any vehicle that may belong to them.

The notice can be found at:

This list of uncollected vehicles also includes auxiliary cycles, motorcycles and cars that came into police possession after a collision, seized for safe keeping during the investigation process. However, once the investigation has concluded, some owners neglect to either claim their vehicle, or give the BPS written permission to dispose of it.

Registered owners of these vehicles may reclaim them by contacting the Police Impound Office, Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm, at telephone number 247-1751.

Any vehicle not claimed within 21 days will be disposed of, in accordance with the Police Property Act, 1921.



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