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5 Arrested, Cash, Drugs & Ammunition Seized during Simultaneous Multiple Search Warrants

Wed, 2022-08-24

On Thursday, 11th August 2022, The Bermuda Police Service conducted Operation ALGEDI that saw the simultaneous execution of multiple searches involving over 70 police officers. The BPS Financial Crime

Unit, assisted by the Serious Crime Department, Drugs Unit, Tactical Division and the Community Policing Division, executed 18 search warrants across several properties in Bermuda. Following the Proceeds OfCrime Act search warrants, some live ammunition, drugs, believed to be cocaine, and more than $300,000.00 in cash were seized.A quantity of high value goods believed to be acquired from the proceeds of crime were also seizedFive persons were arrested in relation to this Operation. No police officer, politician or customs officer was arrested.

Detective Chief Inspector Sherwin Joseph of the Specialists Investigations Department stated: "Money Laundering and the associated predicate offenses cause significant harm to our community and the financial reputation of Bermuda. The investigation is at a critical juncture, and no further information will be provided at this time"

Decision Made to Dismiss Officer Following Special Case Hearing

Wed, 2022-08-24

Commissioner of Police Darrin Simons said earlier today, "A Special Case Hearing [Hearing] was held in accordance with Police [Conduct] Orders 2016.This Hearing was held because of matters arising out of a gross misconduct matter involving the former Police Constable.

Following the Hearing, a decision was reached today resulting in the former Police Constable’s immediate dismissal without notice."

The Commissioner further stated, "The former officer was a significant witness to a serious crime, and then denied being present. The facts later came to light and after an internal employment process, the officer was dismissed for the dishonesty."

"The Bermuda Police Service maintains Standards of Professional Behaviour that officers are expected to uphold. It was determined that this officer’s behaviour fell well below that standard and was dismissed without notice.“The officer has a right of appeal and as such it would not be appropriate to release further information."

Introduction of the Victims and Survivors of Domestic Abuse Survey

Tue, 2022-08-09

Domestic abuse is a serious issue. The Bermuda Police Service is committed to improving our response to and how we treat the issue within in our community. Along with several of our community partners, including; The Center Against Abuse and the Department of Child and Family Services, are seekin

input and active participation from you. This is your opportunity to help shape where we focus our efforts and how we deliver our services to better meet your needs.

We are starting with an anonymous survey in order to better understand the problem. The data gleaned from the survey, will guide us in how we address the subject of domestic violence and more importantly how we look after victims and help reform those responsible for committing these acts. The importance of your views cannot be understated.

The survey will go live today and run through to Wednesday 31st August 2022.  It will take the form of a number of multiple-choice questions gauging the performance of first responders such as the Bermuda Police Service, as well as our partner agencies who provide the necessary aftercare and rehabilitation where needed.

Officer Hospitalized After Dog Attack, Man Arrested in Connection with the Incident

Wed, 2022-07-27

Around 12:44pm on Wednesday 27th July, 2022, police attended a report of threatening behaviour outside of a popular Front Street Restaurant.

The suspect was approached by attending officers. Whilst talking to police, the suspect became aggressive and set his Pitbull Terrier on one of the officers. The dog grabbed a hold of the officer’s arm and did not let go. The officer eventually got free of the dog and restrained it, to avoid having the dog attack anyone else. Whilst being restrained, the animal, subsequently died.

The officer has been transported to KEMH via ambulance, where he is receiving treatment for his injuries.

The suspect has been arrested and detained.

Police are asking anyone who may have been in the area and witnessed the incident to call 211.

Cup Match 2022 Holiday Weekend Policing Plan

Tue, 2022-07-26

Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police James Howard - "Well, it is Cup Match time in Bermuda. It is a time to reflect, remember and celebrate Emancipation Day and Mary Prince Day, and who we are as a community. The Bermuda Police Service (BPS) wishes to take this opportunity to advise the public on a number of matters, to ensure a safe time for all during this year’s Cup Match holiday weekend.

The purpose of this press release is more about safety and less about how we intend to police this weekend holiday.

High Visibility Patrols

As there are a number of events taking place over this four day holiday weekend, there will be a robust police presence throughout the island. We will be partnering with the Bermuda Reserve Police (BRP) and the Royal Bermuda Regiment (RBR).

There are two intents for this. The first is to discourage those members of our community that might seek to disrupt our holiday with acts of anti-social behaviour or criminality.

The second is to continue applying the objectives of our Road Safety Strategy which include reducing road traffic collisions in all areas from damage only to injury to fatalities; combating anti-social road use and reducing incidents of impaired driving.

In order to apply these objectives the BPS will engage those persons within the motoring public at all levels from merely having a presence to issuing of motorist advice notices (warnings) to enforcement by tickets and/or arrest based on relevant legislation. The intent is to influence driver behaviour, making the roads safer for all of us as we travel to the many events planned.

We will ensure a proportionate policing response to the multiple major events taking place over the four days.

Cup Match

As you are all aware the Annual Cup Match between Somerset and St. George's Cricket Clubs commence this Thursday at 10am. We are expecting a few thousand people over the two days. Police presence will be high at this event. We will be working in partnership with the Somerset Cricket Club, the BRP and a private security company who will be providing CCTV coverage throughout the grounds.


In partnership with the Bermuda Reserve Police and the Royal Bermuda Regiment Coastguard, there will be a visible presence on the water. I would like to remind the boating public to ensure that their vessels are registered; that a current decal is prominently displayed on the starboard side of the vessel; that they ensure that all required safety equipment is on board; that they are carrying enough fuel for the intended journey. It is also recommended that they file a float plan if they intend to go offshore.

The expectation is to have fun, enjoy the holiday but be responsible. It is our collective responsibility to make Bermuda safer.

On behalf of the Commissioner of Police, I wish the entire community a pleasant, enjoyable and safe Cup Match Weekend and I look forward to seeing many of you at some of the events taking place."

Suspect Arrested in Connection With 2021 Robin Hood Double Murder

Tue, 2022-07-26

This past weekend, several arrests were made for offences ranging from breach of the peace, to murder and attempted murder.

A 36-year-old male was arrested on suspicion of two counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder, as part of the ongoing investigations into the shooting incident which occurred inside Robin Hood Pub and Restaurant on Tuesday, October 26th, 2021 which resulted in the deaths of Ayinde Eve and Micah Davis.

The suspect was arrested on Friday, July 22nd, 2022 following the execution of a warrant at a residence in St George’s. No further details can be provided at this time.

Around 10:15 p.m. also on Friday, officers attended a report of a disturbance at the National Sports Centre. On arrival, it was ascertained that a number of young males were involved in a physical dispute prior to police arrival.

Officers were able to identify two of the males involved. They were subsequently engaged and searched. During the search, a 17-year-old was found in possession of a knife and a 16-year-old was found in possession of a number of clear plastic twists containing plant like material. Both males were arrested and taken to Hamilton Police Station, where they were processed and subsequently granted police bail.

Police were called out to Grotto Bay Hotel around 10:42 p.m. on Saturday July 23rd, 2022, following reports that a guest had jewellery worth over 15,000 dollars stolen from their room. Acting on information provided, officers executed a warrant at a residence where the items reported stolen were recovered and a suspect arrested.

Shortly after 12:00 a.m. on Sunday July 24th, 2022, officers attended Front Street to a report that a 35-year-old male had been assaulted whilst out on a party cruise. Officers were informed that the 34-year-old male suspect assaulted the victim, causing injury to his face.

Officers also received information that the suspect was in possession of a knife during the dispute, but the knife was taken from him by other party goers. The knife was subsequently handed over to police. Based on descriptions given, officers located the suspect riding east along East Broadway and stopped him. He was arrested for assault and driving whilst impaired.

In total, police responded to 152 calls for service over the weekend.

There were 42 arrests made:

              22 for outstanding warrants.

              7 for driving whilst impaired.

              4 for assault.

              3 for bladed weapons.

              3 under the Misuse of Drugs Act.

              1 for breach of the peace.

              1 for murder/attempted murder.

              1 for burglary.

There were 55 tickets issued for traffic offences:

              Speeding – 13

              No drivers’ licence – 11

              No vehicle licence – 8

              No insurance – 6

              Parking offences – 6

              Disobeying traffic signs – 6

              Helmet not fastened – 2

              Cell-phone offences – 1

              Driving whilst disqualified – 1

              Motorists Advisory Notice (Warning) – 1

Acting Superintendent, Robert Cardwell - Tactical Division, said: “I am particularly concerned about the number of arrests made for impaired driving over this past weekend. Impaired driving puts the life of not only the person engaging in this dangerous practice at risk, but also the lives of others. We wish to remind the public that Operation Vega remains in effect and while we will be targeting all road traffic offences, impaired driving is part of our main focus, which also includes speeding.”

Mr. Cardwell added: “With the Cup Match holiday weekend almost here, we are understanding that people will want to have a drink or two, in keeping with the festivities. However, we urge you not to get behind the wheel of any vehicle or ride a motorcycle, no matter how capable you think you might be, if you have been consuming alcohol or using drugs, prescribed or otherwise. The life you save could be your own.

While we celebrate Cup Match, Emancipation Day and Mary Prince Day over this long weekend, please, let’s all work together to keep it free of any untoward incidents.”

Seventh Road Fatality for 2022: 40-Year-Old Jahmel Blakeney

Thu, 2022-07-21

The Bermuda Police Service can now confirm the death of 40-year-old Jahmel Blakeney, Bermuda’s seventh road fatality for 2022, and extends sincere condolences to his family and friends.

The fatal collision involved a taxi and two motorcyclists, one of whom was Mr. Blakeney, and occurred shortly after 11pm Wednesday, 20th July 2022, at the junction of Middle Road and Lines Estate Road, Devonshire.

Despite receiving treatment from EMTs at the scene and being rushed to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital via ambulance, Mr. Blakeney later succumbed to the serious injuries he sustained.

The second motorcyclist, understood to be a 27-year-old Pembroke man, apparently sustained a non-life threatening arm injury. At last check he was receiving hospital treatment.

The taxi driver involved, said to be a 75-year-old Devonshire man, was not hurt. He was transporting a visiting American couple at the time. The visiting American woman apparently received a cut to her arm, while the visiting American man was apparently unhurt.

A Family Liaison Officer continues to provide support to Mr. Blakeney’s loved ones and the Roads Policing Unit is investigating the circumstances of this latest deadly crash.

Any witnesses that have not already come forward, or members of the public with information regarding the whereabouts of Mr. Blakeney in the hours prior to his death, are encouraged to call 247-1788 or 211 as soon as possible.



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