Road Safety Reminder

Thursday, 6th January 2022 – More than eight thousand dollars in traffic fines issued in just the first week of the new year.
Fines were handed out for impaired driving and for speeding offences with speeds ranging from 65KMPH to 85KMPH.
Chief Inspector Robert Cardwell of the Bermuda Police Service Tactical Unit remarked, “It’s no secret speed and driving whilst impaired or, a combination of the two, are the biggest contributing factors to road traffic collisions in general and fatal road traffic collisions in general.
There were seventeen fatal road traffic collisions in 2021 with the vast majority of them involving excessive speed, impaired driving or a combination of the two."
The Chief Inspector reminded, “Operation Vega remains in effect and we will continue to target:
•              Speeding
•              Impaired Driving
•              Driving without due care and attention
•              Driving without reasonable consideration
•              Disobeying traffic signs
•              Protective Headgear Offences
•              Seatbelt Offences
•              Cell phone Offences
Our collective message to the public continues to be slow down, do not operate any vehicle if you’re impaired, drive/ride carefully and cautiously and obey traffic signals and signs. Road Safety is everyone’s responsibility.”
Over the last two weeks, a total of 538 tickets were issued for various traffic offences.

<p>Traffic Fines = $8,000+ in First Week of 2022</p>