Tue, 2005-07-12

At 2:30 this morning, Police attended a reported disturbance involving an off duty Police officer in Dockyard. It appears that the off duty officer was in his car with his cousin traveling along the North Arm (away from the cruise ship) when they encountered a group of men blocking the road. When the group was asked to move to allow the car to pass, they became hostile and surrounded the vehicle. The off duty officer got out of the car and identified himself as a Police officer, with his cousin also exiting the vehicle. At this point a scuffle ensued with the officer’s cousin, a 26 year old St. George’s man, being punched in the face and forced into the water. The off duty officer went to his cousin’s assistance and was also pushed into the water by the men. The off duty officer then attempted to get out, but was again pushed into the water. The group of men then left the area on foot. The off duty Police officer sustained grazing to his right elbow while his cousin sustained cuts to his nose and left hand as a result. Inquiries into this incident are underway. Police currently have two 19 year old American men from the Voyager of the Seas in custody assisting with their inquiries.

London Bombings Scam

The Bermuda Police Service has already received information regarding ‘advance fee fraud letters’, where the sender has adapted the story to suggest that he, she, or their family are victims of, or have in some way been affected by, the bombings last week in London.

The public are urged to be aware of this change in tactics and are reminded not to respond to these e-mails/faxes with any of their banking details or other personal information.

Residents are also urged to donate only to recognized charities and to be aware that criminals will try and take advantage of the recent tragedy in London to solicit funds or personal information by setting up bogus charities through the Internet or by other means.

City Patrol Enforcement

This is a reflection of enforcement initiatives that have been in place for the City of Hamilton from June 1st until July 12th 2005.

1. Ticket Offences:

  • Driving without due care and attention – 1
  • No Vehicle Licence – 3
  • Failing to wear seat belt – 11
  • No drivers licence – 3
  • Disobeying Traffic sign – 2
  • No Insurance – 1
  • Parking offences – 14

Total Tickets: 35


2. Incidents attended:

  • Annoying Person – 2
  • Assaults – 1
  • Alarms – 2
  • Collisions – 4
  • Disturbance – 1

Total Incidents: 10


3. Arrests:

  • Begging – 2
  • Warrants – 3
  • Drinking in Public Place – 3
  • Offensive Behaviour – 1

Total Arrests: 9