Bulgarian Convicted of Money Laundering Offences Extradited from UK, Sent to Westgate

Thu, 2017-12-21

In April 2016, a 39 year old Bulgarian National was convicted at the Supreme Court for Theft, Attempted Theft and Money Laundering offences and was sentenced to 4 months imprisonment along with a Bulgarian accomplice.

The offences related to over 300 transactions carried out at ATMs using cloned bank cards when almost $20,000 was stolen. Due to the light sentence imposed by the Supreme Court, the Office of the DPP appealed the sentence which was duly increased to 2 years by the Appeals Court.

A warrant was issued for his arrest. Bachev was subsequently arrested by the UK authorities for similar offences during 2016 and sentenced there.

At the conclusion of his sentence the UK authorities notified Bermuda and extradition proceedings were commenced. He was extradited to Bermuda on Tuesday 19th December 2017 and conveyed directly to Westgate to serve out the remainder of the sentence imposed by the Appeals Court.