Bermuda Reserve Police Career Profile: Constable Tinee Lupparelli

Wed, 2021-07-28

Bermuda Reserve Police (BRP) Career Profile

Civilian Life - Name: Tinée Jewel Nichelle Lupparelli

Age: 52

Profession (Day Job):  Administrative Officer

Where do you work: Bermuda Police Service – Intelligence Division

Why this profession: I like helping people and working in the BPS, even in an administrative capacity, opened various doors to expanding my skillset and abilities.  During my time within the BPS, I have had the opportunity to attain several certifications which have been beneficial to my role with the BPS and the BRP.

What training did you take for this job (college, specialist training, degrees etc.): Basic Intelligence Certification (DEA), Introductory Certificate in Leadership Management (ILM), Administrative Diploma, Levels 1 – 3 (Sapient), Certified Administrative Processional designation (CAP) and Organizational Management designation (OM) from the International Association of Administrative Professionals, and Introduction to the Code for Project Management & Procurement (OPMP).

Describe a typical day at work: No two days are alike; it depends on what projects are at hand. Presently, I am being mentored by the Senior Business Analyst on project management and procurement procedures. We work closely with other departments within the service and the Office of Project Management & Procurement to ensure the BPS follows the appropriate guidance for procurement and project management.  Working within this role, I have found a genuine appreciation for project management and procurement, and my goal is to obtain my project management certification.

Hobbies/Favorite Pastimes: I enjoy jewelry using semi-precious beads, meditate, and write in my spare time.

Bermuda Reserve Police
Rank: Constable
Number: 1330

Length of Service: 13 years (Cumulative – 2 stints)

Current posting: Recruitment & Training Unit

Motivation for joining the Bermuda Reserve Police: When I started with the BPS, I did not realise that I would become so passionate about this organization. Early on, I got involved with recruitment and then took the Police Night School, and from there my passion grew.  I enrolled in the BRP in 2000 and have made it my personal endeavour to be all I can within the BPS. Success for me has been measured by my ability to provide the service required in an efficient and timely manner.  I recognise that empathy, respect and courtesy are important and often positively impact the perception of the BPS and what we do; I take great pride in my work. 

Operational Experience and comments since joining the BRP: I’ve spent the majority of my time in an operational capacity starting out in Eastern uniform patrol, worked briefly in CID, then Central uniform patrol before ending up in my current post I have experience dealing with various incidents and have a few court cases as the OIC.

Is there an area of policing where you feel that your civilian training can be put to use? Having worked for the police in various units during the past 23 years I’ve gained insight into various aspects of policing on a whole.  If I were to move from R & T, I would like to go back to CID, to further develop my investigative abilities.

Hopes and Dreams (Ambitions) in the BRP: My personal ambition would be to one day attain the rank of Sergeant within the BRP.  However, regardless of my rank, I would like to see the BRP become the volunteer organization of choice for persons seeking to give back to the community.  I believe that the BRP are an integral arm of the BPS, working in partnership to make Bermuda safer.