Anti-Social Activity at Fairmont Southampton [Added Clarification]

Mon, 2018-01-01

At 2:52am, police were called to the Fairmont Southampton on a report of suspicious activity in a room of the hotel. Upon police arrival, they noticed a large crowd assembled in the room, loud music and the smell of marijuana.

Police whilst at the hotel, noticed a considerable amount of broken glass in the lobby of the hotel. It was ascertained that prior to the police arrival, a disturbance occurred that saw a number of males involved in a melee where projectiles were thrown.

Meanwhile at  4:00am, police were summoned back to the hotel where it was reported that a male was found unconscious in the area of the 4th floor elevator. It appears that the victim was involved in a verbal altercation where eventually he was set upon by a group of males and was subsequently rendered unconscious. The victim was taken to KEMH was he was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

In an unrelated incident, a male reported being robbed of his helmet and cellular device in the parking lot of the hotel. Two men were arrested in connection with this matter.

Another local male occupant of the hotel reported being robbed of his chain whilst attending a room party. The victim knows who the perpetrators are but refuses to press charges.

A total of three persons were arrested in connection with incidents at the hotel and an active investigation has begun. Police are appealing for witnesses or anyone who was at the hotel who would like to make a report of criminal activity or untoward behavior to contact the Criminal Investigative Division on 295-0011.

Clarification (Tuesday, January 2nd): The Bermuda Police Service in a report disseminated on Monday January 1st, stated that there was broken glass in the lobby as a result of a disturbance at the Fairmont Southampton.

After communicating with the hotel staff we can now confirm it was not glass but “silver like” confetti that in the dark gave the appearance of glass and officers made their assessment after being called to a disturbance in the lobby.