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Tue, 2005-07-12

At 3:25pm on Tuesday, Police attended a reported theft from the Bermuda Maritime Museum in Sandy’s parish. It appears that visitors to the Maritime Museum alerted staff to certain exhibits missing from their display cases in the Treasury Room.


Mon, 2005-07-11

At 1:45 this morning, Police received a report of a robbery on Glebe Road in Pembroke. The victims, a 16 year old Warwick boy and a 17 year old Warwick boy stated that around 10:30pm on Monday, they were standing on Glebe Road across from Victor Scott Primary School when six young men on three auxiliary cycles stopped beside them.

Handbag Snatch

Sun, 2005-07-10

Around 7:05pm on Sunday, Police received a report of a handbag snatch on South Road in Smith’s parish. The victims, who are visitors to the island, were riding their rental cycles east on South Road when two men on a motorcycle (also traveling east) rode alongside the lead rental cycle near Watch Hill Road.


Sat, 2005-07-09

Around 1:30am on Saturday, Police attended a reported assault at Horseshoe Bay beach on South Road in Southampton. It appears that the victim, a 22 year old Sandy’s parish man, was involved in an argument near the bar area of the beach house when he was punched in the face. As a result he fell backwards, striking his head on the floor.

Speeding/Injury RTC

Thu, 2005-07-07

Around 3:15am on Wednesday, Police conducting laser speed checks at Woody’s Restaurant on Malabar Road in Sandy’s parish clocked an orange Yamaha V50 at 70 km/h as it traveled west. A motorcycle officer pursued the auxiliary cycle, caused it to stop and issued the rider a speeding ticket.

Speeders Beware

Thu, 2005-07-07

As a result of the high numbers of individuals that have been caught speeding, court dates for the relevant offences have been set as far back as mid September. In response to this, Her Majesty's Courts (HMC) and the Bermuda Police Service (BPS) have started a "fast tracking system" for speeders above 80 km/h.



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