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Heavy Truck Downs Overhead Communication Lines in Devonshire

Fri, 2019-04-12

Around 11:30am today (April 12th) police officers were dispatched to an incident involving a heavy truck on Middle Road in Devonshire.

It appears that the heavy truck was being driven in the eastbound lane of Middle Road when it pulled down overhead communication lines near the junction with Brighton Hill Road.

Temporary traffic diversions were in effect in the vicinity of Christ Church until technicians from the affected companies arrived on scene to carry out necessary repairs.

Two Recent Anti-Social Incidents at Southampton Rangers Sports Club

Wed, 2019-04-10

Detectives are currently conducting inquiries regarding two recent incidents at Southampton Rangers Sports Club – one on the evening of Friday, April 5th and the other on the evening of Sunday, April 7th.

In the first incident a 22 year old man sustained lacerations to his hand around 11:55pm Friday, after apparently being cut by a broken bottle wielded during an altercation at the establishment.

Police Activity at Dellwood Middle School & CedarBridge Academy Today

Wed, 2019-04-10

Police officers attended Dellwood Middle School and CedarBridge Academy today (Wednesday, April 10th) after Dellwood and CedarBridge school officials reported confiscating a quantity of e-cigarette type devices that were allegedly being sold by one student at each school to their respective peers.

Inquiries are underway regarding this matter and anyone with relevant information is asked to call the main police telephone number 295-0011.

Inquiries Continue to Identify All Perpetrators of Animal Cruelty Video

Wed, 2019-04-10

The 19 year old man and 17 year old boy arrested Tuesday afternoon (April 9th) – in connection with the appalling video circulating on social media showing acts of cruelty carried out on lambs in Sandys parish – currently remain in police custody, pending further inquiries.

The 17 year old male was initially said to be 16 years of age.

Two Male Teens Arrested in Connection With Animal Cruelty Video

Tue, 2019-04-09

A 19 year old man and a 16 year old boy (since confirmed to be 17 years old) have been arrested this afternoon (April 9th) in connection with the appalling video circulating on social media showing acts of cruelty carried out on lambs in Sandys parish. Both remain in police custody at this time.

The Bermuda Police Service would like to thank the public for their assistance so far and continue to appeal for persons with relevant information to come forward, as additional individuals are being sought regarding this matter.

Appeal: Help Bring Perpetrators of Animal Cruelty Video to Justice [Updated]

Tue, 2019-04-09

Inquiries continue regarding the appalling video circulating on social media of a young man being incited to carry out acts of cruelty on lambs in Sandys parish, in conjunction with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

The Bermuda Police Service is taking the matter extremely seriously and efforts are ongoing to bring the individual being filmed committing the offence into custody – as well as to track down the individual behind the camera.

Five Motorists Arrested for Impaired Driving Over the Weekend

Mon, 2019-04-08

A total of five motorists were arrested for impaired driving offences over the weekend, with road sobriety checkpoints conducted in six parishes from Friday night (April 5th) until Sunday night (April 7th).

While there are no road sobriety checkpoints scheduled for this coming weekend, members of the public are urged not to drive or ride under the influence as police officers conducting their regular patrols will be on the lookout for any offences, including impaired driving.



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